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North Thailand WeedMaps - List of Dispensaries and Clinics in Chang Mai, Chang Rai, and Pai with Reviews and Menus





Thailand WeedMaps - Directory List of Cannabis Marijuana and Kratom Dispensaries Stores Suppliers Cafes and Vendors in Thailand. Where to buy Kratom and Cannabis THC & CBD Products and Kratom in Thailand: Bangkok / Pattaya / Koh Samui / Phuket / Chang Mai.  Search for a Dispensary or Delivery Service Near You.

Where to Find Medical Cannabis in Chang Mai

If you’ve been looking for somewhere you can get medical cannabis in Chang Mai, you’ve finally come to the right place. We have all the resources and information you need to get your marijuana prescription as fast as possible.

Thailand is the first far-east country to legalize medical cannabis, but some rules apply to this, as not everyone is certified to sell cannabis to the public. Every clinic must be properly licensed before starting to sell medical marijuana, and only public institutions can provide this license. This new law has opened a world of possibilities to patients who deal with terrible health problems every day, and it has helped them ease their pain and live much more peaceful lives.

How to Get Medical Marijuana in Chang Mai

If you want to get medical marijuana in Chang Mai, you’re going to need a prescription from a certified doctor. However, you can’t just walk up to any doctor and ask them for a prescription. Most of them tend to be very reluctant to do this without conducting several medical studies to prove that you need the medication.

Nonetheless, with us, the process is much more effortless. All you have to do is follow these four steps.Educate yourself on everything about medical marijuana
Explore all the cannabis hospitals and clinics available for you
Find the adequate doctor to treat your specific condition
Get your medical marijuana prescription

Bottom Line

Medical marijuana can be used to reduce the symptoms of several patients. If you’re currently suffering from any of the previously mentioned conditions, we want you to know that there’s still hope for you to live a painless life. Please don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our page and find out how to get your prescription for medical marijuana.