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Phuket Cannabis Cafe

We deliver cannabis and cannabis edibles such as cannabis brownies and gummies across Phuket. You can also pick up cannabis and edibles from our location in Patong OTOP.

Contact us today about our range of weed and cannabis edibles. We are a fully licensed Phuket cannabis cafe.

Delivery service available – Everyday 3pm – 2am

Pick Up from Patong – Everyday from 1pm

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Enjoy The health Benefits of Cannabis

Enjoy the health benefits of cannabis in Phuket. We offer cannabis, pre-rolled joints and cannabis gummies, and freshly baked treats such as cannabis brownies. Available for delivery across Phuket.

Alleviate Anxiety

When taken in a moderate amount, cannabis can alleviate anxiety and effectively calm you down.

Pain Relief

The chemical compounds in cannabis, many of which are cannabinoids, are effective in reducing chronic pain.

Weight Loss

There is evidence that cannabis speeds up metabolism and reduces energy storage which will result in a lower bMI.

Improves Sleep

The calming effect of cannabis can in turn help you have a peaceful nights sleep. This is achieved through reducing anxiety, stress and pain.

Improves Lung Capacity

Several studies have found that cannabis can increase lung capacity. This suggests hyperinflation and large-airways resistance.

Fights Cancer

One of the biggest medical benefits of cannabis is the link to fighting cancer. There is evidence that shows cannabinoids can help fight cancer.

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Now Delivering Weed, Cannabis Brownies & Gummies

We deliver cannabis, pre-rolled joints, cannabis brownies and cannabis gummies across Phuket. Please contact us to order your cannabis products today!

Message us ‘menu’ and we will send you our full menu of cannabis products and pricing.

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473