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Cannabis in Thailand – obtain cannabis for medical purposes as a foreign national

Cannabis in Thailand – Regulations and License to Grow Cannabis in Thailand

License to Grow Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Thailand has recently legalised marijuana for growth and consumption purposes as well as for medical purposes. Consumption of cannabis is now legal whe used as an ingredient in food and drinks. However, although cannabis is now legal in /thailand, smoking in public places is not encouraged as it violates public health laws.
Medical cannabis in Thailand

Thailand first has introduced cannabis only for medical purposes. It could be aquired only based on a medical certificate that would mention the health symptoms and be approved by a licensed medical practitioner. This was ment to avoid consumption for recreative purposes.

The industry has potential and therefore the Thai government has prohibited foreign companies to produce, import, sell, export and process cannabis. Only Thai nationals and Thai companies are allowed to run activities that involve the growth and selling of medical cannabis in Thailand.

As a foreign tourist, you will need to obtain a medical certificate prior to your journey to Thailand and complete a form, declaring the amount of medical cannabis carring upon them.

Cannabis in Thailand – obtain cannabis for medical purposes as a foreign national

If you live in Thailand and you need to aquire medical cannabis in Thailand, you need to prepare the following documents:ID Card or passport medical certificate approved by a licensed practitioner that states the conditions that are being treated application form with details such as your name and personal information as well as details abut the doctor prescribing you cannabis to cure your health symptoms
Cannabis is legal in Thailand for consumption

Thailand has legalized the consumption of cannabis in food and drinks. However, is still illegal to buy or sell as well as smoke marijuana in public containing more than 0.2% of the hallucinogenic compound THC.

Now that cannabis is legal in Thailand, you will find it not only as a medical treatment but also as an ingredient in food and drinks in many restaurants. The amount used will not affect consumers in any way. Keep in mind that smoking in public places is still not allowed due to public health regulations.

This is a great opportunity for tourism and businesses using cannabis as an ingredient in cosmetics, food, drinks and even medical treatment. As a foreign national, you are still not allowed to grow and process cannabis, nor sell it, import and export it. Only Thai nationals can have activities within this industry.