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CTV Advertising: The Future of Advertising for Cannabis Businesses

What is connected TV (CTV)?  Connected TV is any TV that connects to the internet either with a built-in connection or through a device.   Examples of connected TV:  Smart TV Streaming devices: Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV Gaming consoles: Playstation, Xbox  Difference between CTV and OTT Over-the-top (OTT) and […]


How Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) Help Your Cannabis Marketing Dollars Go Further

What are MAIDs? MAIDs, or mobile advertising IDs, are a unique string of digits assigned to a mobile phone. MAIDs are used to track location based data and can be connected to hashed emails and IP addresses to link mobile habits to digital, and in-store behavior across all channels back […]


How to Transition Your Dispensary Marketing from Medical to Adult Use

States that allow adult-use cannabis see about $37.5 million more in revenue than medical only cannabis states. In NJ’s first day of adult-use sales, gross sales at the 13 dispensaries were almost $1.9 million. Does your marketing strategy include the opportunity this recreational use market provides?  Read on for how […]


Gamers & Cannabis: How to Market Your Cannabis Business to a Growing Consumer Demographic

Why Market to Gamers? Gaming has become more popular than ever in recent years- and on net, gamers are some of cannabis’s biggest fans. Since the start of the pandemic, both the number of gamers out there and the number of gamers that participate in cannabis consumption have grown exponentially. […]